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From natural materials like slate and wood to manmade products such as asphalt, sheet metal, and plastic polymers; there are more types and styles of roofing to choose from today than ever before. While each has its advantages and shortcomings, they all can add a distinctive design element to your ...

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Choose your materials. There are many types of roofs, and each roof can be made in various ways with different materials. However, some styles are more conducive to certain materials, while other styles don't allow for specific materials.

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Roofing systems. The style of the conservatory will play a big role in the type of roof that can be installed, but different materials and glazing can be used for most types of roofing.

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Types. Some of the different types of dormer are: Gable fronted dormer: Also called simply a gabled dormer, this is the most common type. It has a simple pitched roof of two sloping planes, supported by a frame that rises vertically to form a triangular section below the roofline, i.e. a gable.

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