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Accountants categorize manufacturing companies' operating costs as fixed manufacturing overhead costs and variable manufacturing costs. Managers use these costs in a variety of ways. For instance ...

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adjective. situated, operating, or passing above, aloft, or over the head: an overhead sprinkler system.; of or relating to the general cost of running a business: overhead expenses; an overhead charge.


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Manufacturing overhead costs (MOH cost) are all manufacturing costs that are related to the cost object (work in process and then finished goods) but cannot be traced to that cost object in an economically feasible way.

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Manufacturing overhead (also known as factory overhead, factory burden, production overhead) involves a company's factory operations. It includes the costs incurred in the factory other than the costs of direct materials and direct labor. This is the reason that manufacturing overhead is often ...

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Cost accounting is the process of allocating expenses. One important aspect of cost accounting is allocating manufacturing overhead. Manufacturing overhead refers to all of the costs associated ...

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Introduction to Manufacturing Overhead. In the world of manufacturing—as competition becomes more intense and customers demand more services—it is important that management not only control its overhead but also understand how it is assigned to products and ultimately reported on the company's financial statements.

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Manufacturing overhead is all of the costs that a factory incurs, other than the variable costs required to build products, such as direct materials and direct labor .


Measuring the cost of disruptions is challenging for two reasons. First, the impact of each disruption isn't predictable but depends on the characteristics of the automated manufacturing system at the moment the disruption occurs.

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Definition of manufacturing overhead: All manufacturing costs other than direct labor and materials.

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Total Crane Systems Inc. (TCS) is an American manufacturing and service company. We manufacture and service all sizes and capacities of overhead bridge cranes, full or semi gantries, under hook attachments, wire rope hoists, transfer carts, chain hoists, and more.

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2. Accounting: A cost or expense (such as for administration, insurance, rent, and utility charges) that (1) relates to an operation or the companyas a whole, (2) does not become an integral part of a good or service (unlike raw material or direct labor), and (3) cannot be applied or traced to any specific unit of output.