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'Wind Turbine Recipe Book' in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Hungarian, Swahili and Dutch

DIY VAWT - Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

A DIY VAWT - Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, is a fairly easy and quick project. In our example we use a couple of bicycle rims, some PVC pipe and a treadmill motor.

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VEVOR Wind Turbine 600 Watt Wind Turbine Generator DC 24V Wind Turbine Generator Kit 3 Blades for Home and Business Power Supplementation No Pole(600watt)

List of OGN Receivers - Open Glider Network Project

The map of OGN receivers. An up-to-date map with all OGN receivers can be seen in the OGN range tool. An interactive list with the latest status of the receivers can be seen at ogn..

Teardrop Trailer - Instructables

It seems that somehow the links to most of my build log pictures aren't working anymore on instructables, but you can see them all on my website...

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Weekend Unthreaded; BBC tells journalists that IPCC is God, can not be wrong –"No debate allowed" All that CO2 in the last 50 years and droughts are less common in Australia

4 Easy Ways to Build a Wind Turbine (with Pictures)

How to Build a Wind Turbine. A wind turbine is a simple mechanical device similar to the windmill. The blades of your turbine will catch air currents, using that motion to transmit mechanical energy along a drive shaft.

Wind Power Generators -- Windmills

You will find good material here on how to evaluate your site for wind power (very important), how wind systems work, how to size a wind system for your needs, and lots of information on DIY and homemade wind turbines and commercial systems.

What factors affect the output of wind turbines? - AENews

Building a small scale wind turbine [or 2 or 3] is so simple. No excuses, a couple of small homemade turbines in combination with a small solar system and battery bank is a lot more power then most people think.

3.1kW New Wind Turbine Looks Like a Tree - Off Grid World

Wind turbines that look like trees. What an innovative and clever idea. It's not often we see technology that could change the world, though it is becoming more common as technologies advance and people share more information on new design and tech. This wind turbine combine the elegance of ...

Science Fair Wind Generators | Otherpower

DanF's Science Fair Wind Turbine Article Covers the basic issues in designing a project. Information about choosing surplus materials for generators and blades, plus links to relevant wind power theory articles needed for a science project.

Long Range WiFi (long range internet) –

Long range Wi-Fi is another one of my hobbies. I have successfully installed over 20 projects that range from 600ft to 5 miles. I thought I would post a little bit about how I do this.

Wind power - Wikipedia

Wind power is the use of air flow through wind turbines to provide the mechanical power to turn electric generators.Wind power, as an alternative to burning fossil fuels, is plentiful, renewable, widely distributed, clean, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operation, consumes no water, and uses little land.

DIY PVC Vertical Axis Wind Turbine - Living Green And Frugally

This project shows us how you can build a small DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine, We are not expecting to get much over 50 watts of production, though it would be fairly simple to double the size of the blade area to increase power. This DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine is based on the use of 4 inch PVC ...

Experimental and theoretical investigation of micro wind ...

Experimental and theoretical investigation of micro wind turbine for low wind speed regions

Sensors / Detectors: Wind Speed Direction Monitors

17 Foot Wind Turbine. Part 3. Stator Fabrication. - Continuation The coils for the new 17 foot wind turbine are larger than those for the first 17 footer we made.

15 Brilliant DIY Wind Turbine Design Ideas For Living Off The ...

Make a DIY wind turbine right at home. You can generate your own energy for living off the grid with these homesteading ideas!

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Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Wind Turbine - GreenTerraFirma

DIY Build your own 100 watt pvc wind turbine as a science project. Generate your own power from the wind.

Flow of River Hydro -- Using Only Stream Velocity to Drive a ...

It looks like a good metal worker might be able to make one of these turbines in a not to fancy shop. A homemade(?) Gorlov turbine that has been operating in Brazil since 2001.

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