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A combination gun is a hunting firearm that comprises at least one rifled barrel and one smoothbore barrel, that is typically used with shot or some types of shotgun slug.Most have been break-action guns, although there have been other designs as well.

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UNISIG brings powerful and intuitive deep hole drilling machine capability to our industry-leading customers worldwide. Machines are engineered to handle a range of applications with confidence, supported by our high service and knowledge.

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Hong Ji especially deals in gun drilling machine and deep hole drilling machine for gun drilling machine tools and equipment with efficient processing line.

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Further reading. Machinery editors]. (1910) Deep hole drilling, 2nd edition. Machinery's Reference Series Number 25.A small monograph on gun drilling practice as of 1910. Compiled as part of a series by the editors of the journal Machinery by revising and republishing information from the jo

Ghost Gunner 2, Personal Gun Making Machine – Review

By John Crump . Ghost Gunner 2, Personal Gun Making Machine John Crump. U.S.A. –-()-Cody Wilson was deemed by Wired Magazine as "the fifth most dangerous man in the world ...

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Definition; Classification; Geometry; Combined Drills and Countersinks; Definitions of Process Parameters; Equipment; 1,045 KB MPEG video of drilling on a lathe

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Spraymist Kits. When attached to standard shop air pressures of 100 to 125 psi, these units deliver lubricant as an atomized mist directly to the cutting edge, forcing chips out of the bore.

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Single Flute Gundrills. The single flute gundrill, with its ability to machine very straight deep holes and hold excellent finishes, was originally developed for gun barrel manufacturing.

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Factory HK33E machine gun showing push-pin, swing down type of trigger group attachment. Even the common identifying term of "H&K" is a misnomer since an examination of the history and pedigree of this general firearm design will reveal that the salient features of its design were well established during the late WWII years in the work of the famous Mauser-Werke firm on the evolutionary ...

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Gundrill Tooling. Gundrilling is used for smaller hole drilling, typically 1 – 50 mm [0.04 – 2.00 in] in diameter; High-pressure coolant is introduced through the spindle and center of the gundrill