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Bentonite: Bentonite, clay formed by the alteration of minute glass particles derived from volcanic ash. It was named for Fort Benton, Mont., near which it was discovered.

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This page lists polymer clay related tutorials I've produced, including how to make or use tools to drill, shape, sand, tumble, buff, and bake polymer clay. Plus there's a bit about my favorite tools - pasta machines

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July 5 a All over West Virginia, around the warm weather holidays, large white tents pop up on shopping mall and road side flat spots. Those vendors sell fireworks.

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As cooler fall temperatures approach, take time to remove leaves, loosen soil, add fertilizer, spread seed, and improve the appearance of your yard Learn more

Diatomite and Diatomaceous Earth - Geology

Diatomite and diatomaceous earth are sedimentary rock products that are used for filter media, absorbents, fillers, abrasives, and many other purposes.

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Boulder clay, in geology, is a deposit of clay, often full of boulders, which is formed out of the ground moraine material of glaciers and ice-sheets wherever they are found.

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From here, marked and shaped rocks along with many other goods and sacred objects were sent out from the coast to the Standing Stones site, and other places of importance.

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Over 20 fun painted rock projects plus tips for successfully painting on rocks and keeping your painted rocks outside. Learn what paint works best!

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Bearded dragon guide to housing, cages, tanks, habitat, and lizard supplies.

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Colorado Geology Photojournals A Tribute to Colorado's Physical Past and Present Right: Trees and snow mark major Laramide uplifts in green and white while salmon pink marks the Colorado Plateau in this true-color satellite image of Colorado and surrounding states, courtesy NASA, ^Visible Earth

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Tree Staple sells patented below-grade stabilizing systems for transplanted trees and shrubs.

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How we use and depend on rocks and minerals every day to maintain our standard of living.

Shale: Sedimentary Rock - Pictures, Definition & More

What is Shale? Shale is a fine-grained sedimentary rock that forms from the compaction of silt and clay-size mineral particles that we commonly call "mud." This composition places shale in a category of sedimentary rocks known as "mudstones."

Magmas and Igneous Rocks

Magma and Igneous Rocks. Igneous Rocks are formed by crystallization from a liquid, or magma. They include two types Volcanic or extrusive igneous rocks form when the magma cools and crystallizes on the surface of the Earth

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Our diatomaceous earth (DE), perlite, clay, cellulose and high purity DE products are shipped to over 100 countries around the globe.

11 Reasons You Should Put Bentonite Clay On Your Face + More Uses

1. Clay unclogs the skin pores and shrinks them. Whether you have oily skin or not, your pores will undoubtedly become clogged at some point. Shrinking the size of your pores can help tremendously with keeping your face clean and blemishes as bay.

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In terms of soil texture, soil type usually refers to the different sizes of mineral particles in a particular sample. Soil is made up in part of finely ground rock.Hard surface of base is called hard strata soil particles, grouped according to size as sand and silt in addition to clay, organic material such as decomposed plant matter.