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(Note: this synopsis and listing contains spoilers for what in any case in Australia is already a very well-known story). The film is based on the real story of the 1860 expedition of Robert O'Hara Burke (played by an Irish-accented Jack Thompson) and William John Wills (played by English-accented Nigel Havers), as the explorers set off from Melbourne to cross Australia from south to north and ...

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Indigenous Australian art or Australian Aboriginal art is art made by the Indigenous peoples of Australia and in collaborations between Indigenous Australians and others. It includes works in a wide range of media including painting on leaves, wood carving, rock carving, sculpting, ceremonial clothing and sand painting.

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Fukuoka | Japan ... Fukuoka | Japan

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Bradshaw rock paintings, Bradshaw rock art, Bradshaw figures or The Bradshaws, are terms used to describe one of the two major regional traditions of rock art found in the north-west Kimberley region of Western Australia.

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The Australian Aboriginal people arrived in Australia about 50,000 years ago or even earlier. Until the arrival of British settlers in 1788, the Aboriginal people lived by hunting and gathering food from the land.