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Buying a vertical turbine pump without a detailed description of the offering – or simply based on price – is a recipe for disaster. The pumps may only have four components, but any one of those pieces can become a maintenance nightmare if not properly specified and purchased.

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Al's High Tech, Inc. offers many services for electric motors, pumps, and more that can be completed at our facility or on-site diagnostic and repairs.

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2 Applying a mechanical seal to a vertical turbine pump is not as simple as just switching out the packing box. There are many aspects of the installation to consider.

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Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors are designed primarily for deep well turbine pump application. The coupling is equipped with a non-reverse ratchet, which prevents motor rotation from backspin at shutdown.

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Multistage lineshaft vertical turbine pumps are ideal for wet pit, open sump, or deep well pumping. Lineshaft vertical turbines are configured such that the hydraulic components are submerged into the pumped fluid while the motor is located above ground, making it easy to access electrical components.

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3. Recommended Specification Scope Furnish and install ____ vertical turbine pump(s) with driver and accessories of the size and type shown on the plans.

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This is my home made wind turbine. What makes this one special is that the foils self adjust to maximize power. It rotates vertically instead of horizontally....

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Premium Efficiency Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors designed for deep well turbine pumps. High Thrust Design, Cast Iron, Open Drip Proof (WP-1) Enclosure.


17 GENERAL INFORMATION STANDARD PUMP SPECIFICATION . PRODUCT LUBRICATED DEEP WELL VERTICAL TURBINE PUMP. GENERAL. The contractor shall furnish a deep well product lubricated lineshaft vertical turbine pump, manufactured by

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Pump Repair: Gear Repair: Major Turbine has the capability, experience and know how to repair most major brands of lineshaft, submersible, split case, end suction, sump, high end service pumps and more.


TYPICAL PUMP CONFIGURATIONS Hollow-shaft motor Surface discharge head Threaded column Standard bowl assembly Basket strainer Solid-shaft motor Motor stand

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At times of low electrical demand, excess generation capacity is used to pump water into the upper reservoir. When there is higher demand, water is released back into the lower reservoir through a turbine, generating electricity.

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Silvercrest / Submersible Motor Engineering specialize in the bespoke manufacturing of submersible motors, Rov motors, and subsea motors, motor-pump sets, and HPU's for use on Rovs, subsea trenchers, subsea ploughs, dredgers and water lift pump systems.

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ESR Motor Systems is one of Siemens largest electric motor distributors in the nation. ESR offers Siemens general purpose, severe duty, IEEE-841, inverter duty and vector duty, explosion proof, vertical solid shaft, and IEC/Metric motors.

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Vertical Pump Motor Specials & Discounts. RS Electric Motors is proud to offer U.S. MOTORS® brand vertical motors. Their motors have been a standard in the pumping industry since 1922.