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News and information about the Wendell H. Ford Western Kentucky Parkway.

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News and information about Kentucky's Bert T. Combs Mountain Parkway.

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Some of America's top state parks are here in Kentucky. Find a state park in the Bluegrass State that has just what you're looking for!

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The Cumberland Gap is a narrow pass through the long ridge of the Cumberland Mountains, within the Appalachian Mountains, near the junction of the U.S. states of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee.

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The Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is a United States National Historical Park located at the border between Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia, centered on the Cumberland Gap, a natural break in the Appalachian Mountains.

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The Blue Ridge Parkway overlooks were each carefully considered and specifically designed... as windows to a vista beyond or as access to a site that could not be seen from the roadway.

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Cumberland Mountain [Fig. 5(6), Fig. 6] The name comes from England's duke of Cumberland. But this long and narrow mountain in Virginia's southwest corner has a history that goes back much further in time than any English duke.

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Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. Known as the first great gateway to the west, Cumberland Gap is a prominent V-shaped notch in the Cumberland Mountains that was used by wildlife, Native Indians, explorers, hunters and pioneers wishing to pass through the mountains.

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Union Regimental Histories . Kentucky . 23rd Regiment Infantry. Organized at Camp King, Lexington, Ky., and mustered in January 2, 1862. Attached to District of ...

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Kentucky is called the "Bluegrass State" due to the fertile soil. Kentucky is home to the world's longest cave system, Mammoth Cave National Park, which is a popular tourist destination.

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USA LONGEST CAVES Compiled by: Bob Gulden - Jan. 06, 2018: Send updates and corrections to [email protected]: The NSS Geo2 Long & Deep Caves Web Site is at ...