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UNDERGROUND TOUR - History of Seattle's Underground

A Little History. The story of Bill Speidel's Underground Tour begins in 1954. It really is the story of how Pioneer Square was saved, because the Underground Tour was the unanticipated product of this effort.


The underground "tunnels" of the McMartin Preschool. Sponsored link. This essay is based primarily on an article by John Earl called "The Dark Truth About the 'Dark Tunnels of McMartin'."

Conquering Gotham: Building Penn Station and Its Tunnels ...

Conquering Gotham: Building Penn Station and Its Tunnels [Jill Jonnes] on . *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. "Superb. [A] first-rate narrative" ( The Wall Street Journal</i>) about the controversial construction of New York's beloved original Penn Station and its tunnels

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Tunnel Basics Roll up your sleeves and dig in to get started with these structures. The Tunnel Challenge Through mountains, under rivers, beneath cities ... tunnels are no boring story!


One reason given for planning the tunnels was that when he first desired to withdraw himself from observation he tried to close the public rights of way over the estate.

Is government building secret tunnels under U.S.? - WND

(Zero Hedge) Mysterious booms and strange lights in have been reported all over the country and have recently sparked fears that the United States government is building tunnels underground in ...

The Government's Plan To Survive Nuclear War Doesn't Include ...

As they were building these bunkers and trying to convince Americans that nuclear war could be easily survivable, behind the scenes they knew it would be a bloodbath for civilians.

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Dudley Canal Trust – explore 428 million years of history

Explore 428 million years of history with the Dudley Canal Trust

Underground Tunnels, UFO and Secret Government Facilities ...

UNDERGROUND TUNNELS AND ENTRANCES KENTUCKY PIKEVILLE - Strange disappearances in the Truck Coal Mine 3 miles east of town. Two boys seen entering the mine disappear even though their lamp is found abandoned at the entrance.

10 Haunted Tunnels With Really Creepy Backstories - Listverse

Old, dark places are prime candidates for ghostly tales. Tunnels add a touch of claustrophobia to the mix. Humans have been digging through things for a long time, so the world isn't short of tunnels with more history than lighting. Whether people were crushed building them or run over by trains ...

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The tunnels of Gibraltar, constructed over the course of nearly 200 years principally by the British Army, have made the Rock of Gibraltar "a veritable warren of tunnels that housed guns, hangars, ammunition stores, barracks and hospitals".

Dallas Pedestrian Network - Wikipedia

The Dallas Pedestrian Network or Dallas Pedway is a system of grade-separated walkways covering thirty-six city blocks of downtown Dallas, Texas, United States. The system connects buildings, garages and parks through underground tunnels and above-ground skybridges.

USA Underground Buildings -

Commercial and institutional underground or earth-sheltered buildings are found all across the United States. Here's a list.

Underground Portland and the last of Portland Shanghai ...

The original Underground Portland - Daily at 11AM and 2PM. From crime to scandals to the remains of the Portland Shanghai Tunnels - with nothing faked and no B.S.

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Part Two . Countries, Cities and Places . AFGHANISTAN "There is an ancient legend among the Hindus of India that tells of a civilization of immense beauty beneath central Asia.

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Tunnels, when designed properly, are known to be one of the safest places to be during an earthquake. From a structural safety standpoint, the tunnel moves uniformly with the ground, in contrast to surface structures.

City of Chicago :: Pedway--Downtown Pedestrian Walkway System

Chicago's downtown pedestrian way system, the Pedway, lies in the heart of the city. This system of underground tunnels and overhead bridges links more than 40 blocks in the Central Business District, covering roughly five miles.

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Tunnels and underground excavations: Tunnels and underground excavations, horizontal underground passageway produced by excavation or occasionally by nature's action in dissolving a soluble rock.